Converter Price Index

What is the Scrap Catalytic
Converter Price Index?

“What is the Scrap Catalytic
Converter Price Index?”

The ScrapCATapp Scrap Catalytic Converter Price Index is a report published by The Index is created monthly by compiling the sales data from our online Converter Auction Marketplace and market prices of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). Scrap catalytic converters Sellers find this information valuable as they use it to benchmark their own scrap catalytic converter sales.

The Converter Price Index provides the exact range of the prices paid by Buyers for scrap catalytic converters. These are prices received by our Sellers, during the specific month, for the converters they posted for sale on our Marketplace. In a simple to read graph, you can see what yards just like you are selling their converters for every month!

You do not need to sign up to be a ScrapCATapp User, nor post your Units on the ScrapCATapp auction marketplace to receive this monthly report. We have committed to helping the industry and provide this information FREE OF CHARGE to anyone that can use it as a powerful tool for their business.

The ScrapCATapp Converter Price Index focuses on two key numbers:

#1. The ScrapCATapp Converter Price Index discloses the Average Price per Full Unit that ScrapCATapp Sellers received for ALL the scrap catalytic converters they sold during the specific month of the Index.

(NOTE: This average number is for ALL Units, and includes standard percentages of aftermarket, stainless steel/metal, and bead/pancakes units.)

#2. The ScrapCATapp Converter Price Index also presents the Platinum Group Metal (PGM) price ranges during the same month of the Index. By comparing the Platinum Group Metal prices with the actual prices received by Seller’s for LOTs sold during that specific month, Sellers can see how pricing trends and/or understand the high/low converter pricing they are receiving.

When you subscribe to the ScrapCATapp Converter Price Index you will receive it directly into your email inbox the second week of every month. Again, there is no charge to be a subscriber to the Index and you do not have to be a registered ScrapCATapp User.

Click the Orange View/Subscribe button or click the below link to subscribe to our free monthly publication.

A Bit about and the
Catalytic Converter Price Index:

To better educate our ScrapCATapp Sellers and help them make informed decisions, we started publishing the ScrapCATapp Converter Price index on a monthly basis in June 2019.

(The Index is free and if you subscribe, you will receive it directly via email, every month. If you would like to review previous months, please email us, or view the ScrapCATapp Index Archive.)

It is important to Remember: is the Premier Online Auction Marketplace for the Buying and Selling of Scrap Catalytic Converters.

ScrapCATapp’s online auction marketplace creates a fair and level playing field, which encourages multiple Buyers to offer Sellers competitive bids for their scrap catalytic converters, every time they sell!

The auctions on have taught us one thing: YOU NEVER KNOW what Buyers will pay you for your scrap catalytic converters until you present them with an opportunity to give you a Bid.

The ScrapCATapp Auction Platform gives scrap catalytic converter Sellers one simple number that allows them to make a quick and easy comparison among all the Buyer bids and choose the one bid they like the best.

ScrapCATapp Sellers do not have to spend time becoming “Converter Experts” to get the highest value for their Scrap Catalytic Converters.

By creating a platform where Sellers get offers from multiple Buyers for their converters, the ScrapCATapp Online Auction Marketplace has taken the mystery and confusion out of selling converters and boiled it down to the one thing that is most important to all Sellers:

Get the highest possible price for your scrap catalytic converters and do not “leave any money on the table”, every time you sell!

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