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Can you explain and help me understand PGM pricing and terms?
Why do different Buyers quote different prices on the same day?
How does ScrapCATapp work for the Buyer's?
What is the charge for Buyers to make a bid on my scrap catalytic converters?
I am frustrated!
How do I choose a Catalytic Converter Buyer when I don't truly know the value of my converters & ALL of the Buyers claim to have the Highest Prices and the "Best Deal"?
I want to sell my scrap catalytic converters via auction on
ScrapCATapp.com. How do I get started and what does it cost?
How do I prove to my BOSS I am getting the
BEST deal for our Scrap Catalytic Converters?
I have heard about ScrapCATapp.com and how Sellers can auction their converters to multiple Buyers, but I don’t understand exactly how it works.
Can you walk me through a sample transaction?  
Most importantly, how do I get paid??
What is the best way to sell my scrap catalytic converters?
By assay or by individual unit?
How many Catalytic Converters should I put in my LOT?
Given all the volatility and the Covid-19 situation, what should I do with my cats now?   Should I sell them or hold onto them?
What is ScrapCATapp Converter Price Index?
We Do NOT Buy. We Do NOT Sell.
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